Retail Seminar Program

The Retail Seminar Program covers the “need to knows” of the retail industry for employees. The Seminar also covers the concepts and ideas behind great customer service.
The seminar deals with important issues as:

         • Policies and Procedures 
           o The basics of cash handling 
           o What to do in the event of a robbery

It will give your employees a better idea as to how shoplifting occurs as well as training them how to deter it in an effective manner. Employees will leave with a better sense of what is required of them and how important their job really is.

The seminar will also teach employees how to: 
         • Better service customers 
         • Demonstrate the simple methods of up selling merchandise.

Employees will be challenged to examine their attitudes and ideas about their job. The basic premise behind these seminars is simple; an educated employee is a valuable and productive employee.
Learn how to reduce shrinkage and increase sales through education.