Restaurants, Night Club, Bar & Lounge Services

We can offer both our Employee Honesty Testing and Customer Service Evaluations for all establishments that offer both a sit down dining experience and cash bar services.

Restaurant Services

A questionnaire would be formatted to suit our clients’ needs and requirements. Our operatives would complete this questionnaire and provide details regarding their sit down experience.

Our Operatives will conduct tests to evaluate and observe the following:
• Customer Service and response times
• Customer awareness and attention
• Food Quality, Presentation and Arrival Times

Night Club, Bar & Lounge Services

Employee dishonesty and internal theft in the hospitality industry is increasing. We can assist in identifying the problem.

Our Operatives will conduct tests to evaluate and observe the following:
• The standards of cash handling efficiency, integrity and honesty.
• Operating cash register with and open drawer.
• Neglecting to issue receipt and / or re-issuing the same receipts, sales not recorded.
• Bartender / Cashiers placing all funds for purchases in cash drawer, keeping tips separate.
• Collusion with floor staff, verbal ordering, non-registering of sales.
• Credit card fraud, double billing.
• Evidence of over and under pouring alcohol.
• Brand substitutions, surplus liquor sold.
• Monitor service staff for compliance with Ontario Liquor License Act.
• Knowledge of alcoholic beverages.
• Food services procedures and handling.

In the event an infraction is detected the details will be promptly reported. Once survey is completed a comprehensive report is supplied describing our Operatives findings.
Clients may utilize these reports for training and loss prevention purposes with the company personnel.