Customer Service Evaluation Reports

A very popular service of our Service Insight division is the Customer Service Evaluation report.  Our operatives will monitor: 

         • Staff response times
         • Employee attitude 
         • Customer service 
         • Store image and conditions 
         • Sales approach and product knowledge, etc.

Decrease in sales volume or increased shrinkage is generally related to inattentive personnel. The service provided entails a operative to monitor a location.
The reporting format has a scoring system, which allows the shopper to:

          • Score each section of the report 
          • Calculate a final percentage of how the store succeed or did not succeed

A customized report is created to suit the individual needs of each client. The scoring system allows the shopper to keep track of results based on varying frequency from weekly to quarterly periods.

The system is also easily incorporated into company incentive programs, and we act as required for the client. The customer service evaluation report can be used in all types of industries dedicated to service and customer satisfaction.